Gag Concert KBS GAG Concert EP 627 2012-01-01

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Gag Concert

Gag Concert (개그콘서트) is a Korean sketch-comedy TV show on KBS 2TV network. It began airing in September 1999 and is the oldest of South Korea comedy programs. It is competing with SBS's Smile People (웃음을 찾는 사람들), MBC's Fall in Comedy (코미디의 길), and tvN's Comedy Big League (코미디빅리그). The show is recorded on Wednesdays and is aired on KBS 2TV on Sundays at 9:15 PM. The show airs again with English subtitles after three weeks on KBS World TV on Saturdays at 4:20 PM.

Current Skits

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※ Order by ascending date according to the first airing time on the original channel "KBS 2TV".

  • Hidden Masters (2014.1.5 ~ present)

(Korean: 깐죽거리 잔혹사; Starring: Lee Dongyun, Heo Min, Ryu Jeongnam, An Ilgwon, Jo Yunho, Lee Seongdong, Lee Changho)
About a father and daughter who refuse to pay business protection money and use martial arts to evict the bad guys. A play on the movie Once Upon a Time in High School, whose original transliterated title is Maljukgeori Street's Cruel History. On 7.Sep.2014, DJ DOC's Kim Changryeol appeared as a guest for Chuseok special. On 14.Sep.2014, The Big World members appeared in the skit. On 28.Sep.2014, Jo Yunho announced that Lee Dongyun will become a father.

  • Drunken (2014.3.16 ~ present)

(Korean: 취해서 온 그대; Starring: Seo Taehun, Kim Hyeseon, Shin Yunseung, Kim Daeseong, Lee Heekyung | Previous Appearance: Hong Yeaseul)
About a bartender who goes through a lot of trouble when crazy customers start showing up at his bar. A play on You Who Came from the Stars, as evidenced by Kim Hyeseon's character who acts like Cheon Songyi. On 7.Sep.2014, actress Kim Sumi appeared as a guest for Chuseok special. On 14.Sep.2014, Let It Be members were customers at the bar.

  • Help Me! (2014.04.13 ~ present)

(Korean: 선배, 선배!; Starring: Lee Suji, Jo Suyeon, Jeong Myeonghun, Ryu Geunji, Kim Janggun)
About a student from Gag Concert University who has a crush on her senior and try to seek advice from an unconcerned friend.

  • Let It Be (2014.6.1 ~ present)

(Korean: 렛잇비; Starring: Song Pilgeun, Park Eunyeong, Lee Dongyun, Noh Ujin)
Musical comedy; about office workers and their concerns. On 7.Sep.2014, real workers who have to work hard on holidays appeared as guests for Chuseok special; Yu Changseon (a fireman who talked about poor drives and prank calls), Kang Hyejin (nurse), Lee Hyeonu (unemployed guy who hunts for jobs), and Jeon Jeongok (housewife, Park Eunyeong's mother).

  • Old Affair (2014.6.1 ~ present)

(Korean: 쉰 밀회; Starring: Kim Jimin, Kim Daehui, Yu Minsang)
Parody of JTBC's Secret Love Affair (밀회): Yu Ain (Kim Daehui) is piano genius kid, and Kim Huiae (Kim Jimin) is the piano teacher. Yu Minsang plays Madam Seo, and Kim Daeseong used to play Kim Huiae's Husband. On 28.Sep.2014, pianist Shin Jiho appeared as a special guest.

  • Dating Skills Test (2014.6.1 ~ present)

(Korean: 연애능력평가; Starring: Jang Yuhwan, Jeong Beomgyun, Shin Jongryeong, Park Seongho)
Lessons about dating; Cheongdam Monkey Teacher (Jeong Beomgyun) solves dating problems, Tweezer Teacher (Shin Jongnyeong) plucks out funny facts, and Daechi Cleoparktra Teacher (Park Seongho) solves numerical problems.

  • Chicken High School (2014.6.29 ~ present)

(Korean: 닭치高; Starring: Song Jungeun, Lee Sangho, Lee Sangmin, Im Uil, Kim Junho, An Somi)
Playful comedy corner about forgetful chickens who are attending Half marinated, half fried class in Chicken High School. The corner starts with Cherry Filter's Flying Duck. Song Jungeun plays the homeroom teacher, Teacher Ticktock (똑 닭, Tok Dalk), and Kim Junho plays the school principal, Principal Cock-a-doodle-do (꼭이오, Cockio). The students are Lee Sangho and Lee Sangmin the Two Chickens (두 마리 치킨, Du Mari Chicken) and Im Uil the Fire Chicken (불 닭, Bul Dalk). An Somi plays the school nurse, Nurse Cluck (후다 닭, Huda Dalk). There are many catchphrases in this skit such as 닭치고!! (Dalkchigo!! → Be quiet, chickens!) and 네네네넨~ 네네~ (NaNaNaNan NaNa~ → Yes, yes, yes!). On 7.Sep.2014, actor Cha Taehyun from 1N2D appeared as a guest for Chuseok special, he played the transfer studentGreen Onion Chicken (파닭, Pa Dalk). On 12.Oct.2014, An Somi appeared as a student instead of the school nurse.

  • The Big World (2014.6.29 ~ present)

(Korean: 큰세계; Starring: Kim Junhyun, Song Yeonggil, Yu Minsang, Kim Suyeong, Kim Taewon. Skinny guys: Jeong Jinyeong, Choi Jaewon, Kim Hyeongi, Seo Namyong)
The title of the skit is a parody of 2013 crime movie New World (신세계). In year 2094, due to the exhaustion of food, the human race is about to die off. The survivors made their own underground world with their own rules, being fat means power, authority, honor and wealth, only fat people rule this world. All comedians starring in this corner are overweight, they compete on who weigh more by showing off their characteristics and eating ability. On 7.Sep.2014, SISTAR appeared as guests for Chuseok special.

  • 억수르 (2014.7.13 ~ present)

(Korean: 억수르; Starring: Song Jungeun, Hong Hwon, Jeong Haecheol, Kim Giyeol, Kim Mingyeong, Oh Nami)
This corner started with the title "Mansour 만수르" on July 13, 2014 but hasn't aired an episode yet on KBS World because it was an actual name of sheikh. On July 27, 2014, the title was changed to "Eoksour 억수르"; a play on the original title (Mansour) which meant ten thousand and was upgraded to hundred million (Eoksour). On 7.Sep.2014, John Park appeared as a guest for Chuseok special.

  • The Family Head (2014.8.10 ~ present)

(Korean: 가장자리; Starring: Lee Seungyun, Seo Taehun, Song Yeonggil, Lee Hyeonjeong, Park Yeongjin)
Conversation between neighbors (bachelor --> newlywed [201], married [202], lonely father [203], bachelor [301]) on the balcony.

  • I'm the Only Guy (2014.8.17 ~ present)

(Korean: 나 혼자 남자다; Starring: Park Seonggwang, Heo Anna, Seong Hyeonju, Kim Nina, An Ilgwon, Jeong Seunghwan)
About a new employee who works around women.

  • God of Hip Hop (2014.8.24 ~ present)

(Korean: 힙합의 신; Starring: Kim Suyeong, Park Eunyeong, An Somi, Lee Sangeun, Kim Hoegyeong, Kim Kiri, Park Bomi, Lee Sejin, Jeong Jaehyeong, Kwak Beom | Previous Appearances: Seo Namyong (Yang Grimy), Yoon Seunghyeon (Missed Swings), Lee Changho (Buddhistablo, Kim Seongwon))
Musical comedy in a show named Show Me the What (parody of Mnet's three-season reality program Show Me the Money) hosted by Hamburger Patty (Kim Suyeong).

  • Secretly Dating (2014.9.21 ~ present)

(Korean: 은밀하게 연애하게; Starring: Yang Sunil, Kim Giyeol, Park Bomi, Im Jonghyeok, Jeong Seunghwan)
The title of the skit is a parody of 2013 action comedy movie Secretly, Greatly (은밀하게 위대하게). The corner is about two detectives in violent crimes division who are secretly dating.

  • Abnormal Prison (2014.9.28 ~ present)

(Korean: 비정상 교도소; Starring: Im Jaebaeg, Song Wangho, Kim Jeonghun, Seo Taehun, Kim Jiho, Lee Wongu, Kim Seongwon)
Portrays life of prisoners.

  • After 10 Years (2014.10.5 ~ present)

(Korean: 10년 후; Starring: Heo Anna, Jeong Yunho, Oh Gihwan, Kim Hyeongi, Kwon Jaegwan, Choi Jaewon)

  • 유민상 장가보내기 프로젝트 (2014.10.12 ~ present)

(Korean: 민상 가보내기 로젝트 or 유장프; Starring: Yu Minsang, Song Yeonggil, Hong Hyeonho, Choi Jaewon, Noh Ujin)

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